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O`ahu Homeschooling


Use of a Private Oahu Home Schooling consultation services is a popular alternative to educate children in Hawaii. Parents should consider employment of a professional private tutor on a consultation or limited-lesson basis. The involvement of a private tutor channels the parent's effort to help the child become their "personal best". The limited employment of a private tutor provides the following benefits:


  •        Supply cost savings. Parents often spend money on unnecessary workbooks and texts. Oahu tutors know appropriate supplies for students. Their professional discounts can purchase supplies on your behalf. Texts and lesson equipment can be provided on loan at no cost. --Diagnostic testing to plan an effective home-schooling program. After one or two diagnostic sessions, the tutor can provide an analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Parents should ask for diagnostic testing in spelling, reading, and math.

  • Consultation about your child's learning style. Tutors can explain the most effective methods for your child's learning style. A parent avoids mistakes such as assigning inappropriate workbook or reading materials. --Honolulu tutoring lessons with other family members. Sometimes siblings can be included in lessons free of charge. This tutor sometimes includes another child needing similar skills at no charge. If your third and fifth grader needs multiplication fact review, a tutor can coordinate a few lessons benefiting both children.

  •        Children are less likely to balk at the parent/teacher role. Parents report less difficulty getting their children to complete home lessons. Children know the tutor has assigned the work. Lessons are generally independently completed with less student-parent strife.

  •       Parents observe effective teaching methods. Some tutors allow parents to observe parts of lessons. Observing effective teaching strategies facilitates home education goals.

  •        Parents have a comfort level when partnering with a tutor. A parent assuming the role of teacher has made the decision to be solely responsible for ongoing education. Coordination with a trained tutor helps keep the parent "on track", decreasing the concern if basic core subjects are being taught appropriately.

Home Schooling Testimonials:

"Our two children had tutorials with free parent consultations. Their reading grade levels improved several years during the six months of tutoring. We are a military family. I have learned skills to teach my children when we move to our next assignment. Mrs. Hawkins taught me how to more effectively teach my children at home. "

"I made the effort to travel a great distance with my five other children so my girl could get reading help. I have been a home-schooling mother for all of my children. I was having difficulty helping my 5th grader. Mrs. Hawkins quickly identified learning needs, referred us for additional specialized testing, and provided tutoring services. After struggling for years, her reading disorder was immediately diagnosed and we were given information on her learning style. Within a few weeks we were on the road to a happier home-schooled child. I learned the methods that worked best so I could continue home schooling her. Mrs. Hawkins helped me coordinate information with a tutor on the east coast when we moved."

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