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If you are considering math tutoring for a child who is lacking enthusiasm for the subject, look for a tutor with a creative approach. For some children, math is a fearful subject. An effective tutor can readdress the student's math needs to make the student successful in his classroom. Many students are accurate but slow computing basic math facts. If your child is still counting on their fingers for the basic facts, math tutorials can usually fix the problem in a few sessions.

Math tutoring should not be limited to textbooks and worksheets. Mrs. Hawkins' tutoring methods concentrate on learning games instead of filling out worksheets. Students learn with fun, challenging games that are individualized to fit the child's specific needs. Math is a part of everyday life. A creative tutor can start to make math enjoyable for your child. A good math tutor can help a child understand why math is important, how it is used in the simplest of activities, and how to apply tutoring skills to their school and homework assignments.


Students learn basic facts in six individual sessions. Games and special visualization strategies are taught to master the facts without homework worksheets. Students learn to apply strategies to basic division facts.


"I am utterly blown away by your math tutoring. Since she knows my son's learning style challenges, she immediately recognized it was necessary to use similar methods used in reading to help him in math. She essentially taught him his multiplication facts in one lesson and long division with remainders in the next lesson. Essentially, she made sense of third and fourth grade math to him in 2 lessons that was something his in-town math tutor had not been able to do in months of on-on-one lessons. It leaves me speechless and extremely grateful." ...mother who used reading and math services for her son.

"Mrs. Hawkins did a thorough assessment in her first sessions with (name of student), and quickly picked up upon her learning style. She identified effective ways to work with (name of student) that were fun and gaging and most importantly, yielded results. Within just one session, I saw a difference in the way that (name of student) approached her work, and with continued sessions (name of student)’s confidence grew tremendously. She was able to raise her grade form a C- to a solid B in less than l quarter of school time. Amazing! Mrs. Hawkins attended an evening workshop with me to learn about the school's approach using Singapore Math. Her sessions with (name of student) were always positive and fun--I could hear them laughing when I would come to pick her up. ...parent of a private Honolulu school student.

"We had a very intelligent child who nonetheless was not memorizing the math facts presented. The school passed it off as the task just being too boring. As it turned out, our child has a 'glitch' which prevented her from learning the facts in a standard way. Beyond her prodigious powers to "get inside your child's head" and figure out how to make the material make sense to him/her, Mrs. Hawkins' sensitive handling of the children bears special commendation. When you have a "My elementary-age twin children had been faced at school with embarrassing timed tests in math facts which were always a cause of extra tears at home. They could not seem to finish on time. You taught them different methods, and they zoomed to l00% accuracy with plenty of time to spare on timed tests at school They became the fastest students at school with their math papers."

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