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Orton Gillingham Oahu Tutor in Honolulu, Hawai`i

Orton Gillingham Tutoring Oahu, Hawaii

Professional Orton Gillingham Tutor for hire, trained from the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators

The Orton-Gillingham methodology utilizes phonetics and emphasizes visual imagry of sounds.  The Orton-Gillingham method is language-based and success-oriented tutoring in Oahu. It is based on Multi-Sensory educational training.  Orton-Gillingham  methods of reading instruction were developed by Dr. Samuel T. Orton and educator Anna Gillingham.  Anna Gillingham pioneered some of her initial methods at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Oahu Tutor is trained in Orton-Gillingham methods.

Mrs. Gail Hawkins has been trained in Orton-Gillingham methods since 1992. Instructors in two courses were Fellows of Orton-Gillingham Practioners, the highest level of Orton training and education.  Skills were updated via Orton-Gillingham training in the country of Singapore in 2000.

Mrs. Hawkins continues to improve the quality of her services by attending conferences on the mainland sponsored by the International Dyslexia Association and Orton-Gillingham. 

Mrs. Hawkins was recognized by the wife of the Prime Minister of Singapore in official ceremonies.  Gail was responsible for bringing Orton-Gillingham methods to Singapore dyslexics in her role as consultant  to the Dyslexia Association of Singapore, (endorsed by the Ministry of Education). She spear-headed the successful effort delivering Orton-Gillingham trained tutors to Singapore, organizing the first Orton Gillingham workshop for teachers, tutors, and parents in the country.

In 2013 Mrs. Hawkins completed Orton-Gillingham workshop training in Rhode Island for preschool and kindergarten children.She received updated training in the following:  strategies, scope and sequence, lesson planning, phonemic awareness, alphabet sequencing, learned words, and spelling.   

Mrs. Hawkins has years of experience adapting Orton-Gillingham methods to the student's individual academic needs in private and public schools.  She has an on-going practice servicing students from the continental U.S. and foreign countries during family vacations in Hawaii. Coordination and communication with the child's school away from Hawaii is encouraged to help in the transition of Orton-based methods to the child's off-island curriculum.  Parent observations and consultations also aides in the successful transition of  tutorial methods to other locations other than Oahu. 

Characteristics that Make OG Unique and Effective:  Why OG in the 21st Century?

By Ron Yoshimoto,O G Fellow, (Highest Level of Achievement in the Academy of Orton-Gillingham practictioners) 

Reprinted from the Orton-Gillingham Academy Newsletter Summer/Fall 2011

OG is multisensory -  simultaneously - visual/auditory/kinesthetic/tactile.  This is the characteristic that distinguishes OG from phonics programs as well as some of the OG-based programs. Every party of the OG lesson utilizes multisensory procedures for inputting and reinforcing or reviewing information - card drill, decoding words, spelling, introduction of concepts, dictation of sentences, reading fluency, and reading comprehension.  All of these procedures are also neurologically sound.

OG is phonetic/alphabetic/morphemic/syntactic/semantic.  Most of the basal reading programs cover components of phonics but differ in the way they address the syllabic, morphemic, syntactic levels. Additionally, the emphasis of these programs is on reading and not on spelling.  If they do address spelling, their scope and sequence causes more confusion. 

OG is linguistically sound.....and how it differes from other such, OG is ideal for teaching ELL children and adults (and general education students) and represents a more comprehensive and multimodal way of addressing the reading and spelling needs of dyslexic students.

OG is neurologically sound.  Multisensory techniques are derived from an understanding of the neurological basis of learning, and more specifically, reading and spelling.

OG is based on best teaching practices or principles.  OG differentiates for learners and their styles of learning......

OG is not a program but an approach.  This is a critical difference between OG and other phonics programs or OG-based kits.  A program is not geared to the needs of an individual student.  It tends not to be diagnostic/prescriptive (and hence, it is not clinical).  There are very few multi-sensory procedures incorporated into most other (phonics) programs....

OG is flexible.  It must be, when one considers the needs of the dyslexic student. 

OG is emotionally and socially sound.  As the students achieve success in learning, not only does their self-esteem improve, but also their way of interacting with peers and adults.  They begin to look at themselves differently....every part of the OG framework is geared to the enhancement of self-esteem....

OG is structured, sequential, cumulative and repetitive.  OG is different from other phonics programs because it provides structured and sequential learning experiences.....and the practice is provided in many different formats to prevent boredom.

OG is clinical, diagnostic/prescriptive.  OG trained teachers are somewhat analogous to doctors who must assess the symptom, plan a treatment program and then implement the treatment program. The treatment program may change based on how the patient has responded to the treatment.

OG is a vehicle for integrating thinking skills, vocabulary development, writing skills, and content subjects.

OG is efficient...

OG makes connections between reading, spelling, writing and oral language.  This is not the case for many of the other phonics or basal programs.  The basal programs may impact decoding skills, but are not structured well for spelling. OG sees the connections between reading and spelling....

OG is a powerful instructional approach for teaching reading and spelling.  It is the grandfather of all other multi-sensory structured language programs, and has been proven to be effective for over 80 years.

OG is financially sound.  With the exception of teacher training expenses, the cost of the OG reading and spelling instructional approach is very reasonable.  Money does not need to be spent on basal programs or other structured language program kits.

Disclaimer:   Private Oahu tutor Gail Hawkins and Oahu are not directly associated with Orton-Gillingham. Mrs. Hawkins is not an employee of Orton-Gillingham. 

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