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Mrs. Gail M. Hawkins, M.A.T.

Curriculum Vitae

PRIVATE TUTOR in Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Washington

  • Operates a tutoring service to address remedial reading, math, and study skill needs of Kindergarten to college-age students.

  • Designs individual learning programs based upon student learning styles.

  • Coordinates tutorial instruction with classroom curriculum requirements.

  • Confers with parents concerning progress and effective remediation methods.

  • Teaches a nine-session Beginning-to-Read program for Kindergarten students.

  • Teaches a six-session Basic Multiplication Fact program


1997-1998: EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT, Dyslexia Association of Singapore.

  • Initiated the first teacher-parent training workshop in Singapore for Orton-Gillingham reading and math instruction.

  • Recruited local and overseas staff as well as lecture personnel.

  • Opened a new school and revised curriculum for dyslexic reading training resulting in reduced operational costs.


1993: EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT, Stamford, Ct. Catholic High School.

  • Addressed needs of learning disabled students in the mainstream program.

  • Presented lectures on effective teaching methods for ADD/ADHD students.


1987: EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT, KLHT Independent School in Connecticut

  • Initiated, administrated, and coordinated a pilot program for a resource room for a Grade 10 curriculum.

  • Directed expansion of resource room program to include grades 9-ll.

  • Reduced resource room budget by 50% within the first year.


1981-87: TUTORIAL CONTRACTOR, Eagle Hill Diagnostic Clinic, Greenwich, Ct.

  • Designed and taught tutorials for learning disabled students ages 5-16 to meet the academic demands of their independent or public-school curriculum.

  • Developed compensatory strategies for deficiencies in receptive language, expressive language (both oral or written), math, and organizational skills.


1978: READING DIRECTOR for Korea, U.S. Army (G-S Rating at a Lt. Colonel Rank)

  • Responsible for the reading and math curriculum in the U.S. Army Basic Skills Educational Program in Korea administered by St. Louis High School in Honolulu, HI.

  • Directed 20 to 50 teachers with a changing enrollment of between 700 to 1300 students.



  • B.A. in Education from the University of Washington

  • Master of Arts in Teaching from Alaska Methodist University

  • Training in four multi-sensory methods, (Spalding Phonics, Slingerland, Orton-Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell Symbol Imagery for Phonemic Awareness, Sight Words & Spelling, Visualizing & Verbalizing for Language Comprehension & Thinking, and On Cloud Nine Math Concepts training).

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