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Gail Hawkins

Private Tutor, Servicing Hawaii since 2000

Over 40 years of tutoring experience

                 Specializing in:

  • Math - Kindergarten to Grade 6

  • Reading: Kindergarten to Adult

  • Writing: Grade 1 to Grade 12

  • Dyslexia Remediation



  • Individual Private Tutorials

  • Small Group Tutorials

  • 9-session Beginning-To-Read Tutorials for Kindergarten age children

  • Educational Testing

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Tutoring on O`ahu

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Who is Gail Hawkins?

Gail Hawkins is a private tutor with over 40 years of professional tutoring experience. A tutor should be a steppingstone, not a long-term commitment. Children are given the skills they need to be released from tutorials as soon as possible. Parents are taught the strategies that work for their child's learning style. All sessions are individualized to address the child's specific needs and goals.

E lawe i ke a`o a mālama a e `oi mau ka na`auao


"He who takes his teachings & applies them increases his knowledge." Hawaiian proverb from `Ōlelo No`eau.


Becoming a reader involves the development of important skills, including learning to:

  • use language in conversation

  • listen and respond to stories read aloud

  • recognize and name the letters of the alphabet

  • listen to the sounds of spoken language

  • connect sounds to letters to figure out the "code" of reading

  • read often so that recognizing words becomes easy and automatic

  • learn and use new words

  • understand what is read

Preschool and kindergarten teachers set the stage for your child to learn to read with some critical early skills. First, second, and third grade teachers assume the task of building the skills that children will use every day for the rest of their lives. As a parent, you can help by understanding what teachers are teaching and by asking questions about your child's progress and the classroom reading program.

New Horizons Parent Lecture Series at Punahou School:

Periodically, speakers are invited to make presentations to interested parents.  Mrs. Hawkins has made a number of presentations, including providing Practical Advice for Children from Kindergarten Through High School, Tutoring Tips for Top Performance, and Learning Differently: Myths and Miracles. Participants learned about support systems, methods, and insights on how their child can be their personal best despite learning challenges. Parents also had the unique opportunity to observe Gail working with students using memory clues for faster retention of classroom material.

If your child is just beginning to learn to read:

At School You Can Help By.....

  • Teaching the sounds of language.

  • Teaching the letters of the alphabet. Teachers help children learn to recognize letter names and shapes.

  • Helping children learn and use new words.

  • Reading to children every day. Teachers read with expression and talk with children about what they are reading.

At home you can help by.....

  • Practicing the sounds of language. Read books with rhymes. Teach your child rhymes, short poems, and songs. Play simple word games: How many words can you make up that sound like the word "bat"?

  • Helping your child take spoken words apart and put them together. Help your child separate the sounds in words, listen for beginning and ending sounds, and put separate sounds together.

  • Practicing the alphabet by pointing out letters wherever you see them and by reading alphabet books.

If your child is just beginning to read.....

At school you should see teachers...

  • Systematically teaching phonics--how sounds and letters are related.

  • Giving children the opportunity to practice the letter-sound relationships they are learning. Children have the chance to practice sounds and letters by reading easy books that use words with the letter-sound relationships they are learning.

  • Helping children write the letter-sound relationships they know by using them in words, sentences, messages, and their own stories.

  • Showing children ways to think about and understand what they are reading. The teacher asks children questions to show them how to think about the meaning of what they read.

At home you can help by...

·         Pointing out the letter-sound relationships your child is learning on labels, boxes, newspapers, magazines and signs.

·         Listening to your child read words and books from school. Be patient and listen as your child practicies. Let your child know you are proud of his reading.

At home you can help by...

·       Pointing out the letter-sound relationships your child is learning on labels, boxes, newspapers, magazines and signs.

·       Listening to your child read words and books from school. Be patient and listen as your child practices. Let your child know you are proud of his reading.

If your child is reading:

At school you should see teachers...

  • Continuing to teach letter-sound relationships for children who need more practice. On average, children need about two years of instruction in letter-sound relationships to become good spellers as well as readers.

  • Teaching the meaning of words, especially words that are important to understanding a book.

  • Teaching ways to learn the meaning of new words. Teachers cannot possibly teach students the meaning of every new word they see or read. Children should be taught how to use dictionaries to learn word meanings, how to use known words and word parts to figure out other words, and how to get clues about a word from the rest of the sentence.

  • Helping children understand what they are reading. Good readers think as they read and they know whether what they are reading is making sense. Teachers help children to check their understanding. When children are having difficulty, teachers show them ways to figure out the meaning of what they are reading.

If your child is reading​:

At home you can help your child by...

  • Rereading familiar books. Children need practice in reading comfortably and with expression using books they know.

  • Building reading accuracy. As your child is reading aloud, point out words he missed and help him read words correctly. If you stop to focus on a word, have your child reread the whole sentence to be sure he understands the meaning.

  • Building reading comprehension. Talk with your child about what she is reading. Ask about new words. Talk about what happened in a story. Ask about the characters, places, and events that took place. Ask what new information she has learned from the book. Encourage her to read on her own.

Make reading a part of every day:

  • Share conversations with your child over meal times and other times you are together. Children learn words more easily when they hear them spoken often. Introduce new and interesting words at every opportunity.

  • Read together every day. Spend time talking about stories, pictures, and words.

  • Be your child's best advocate. Keep informed about your child's progress in reading and ask the teacher about ways you can help.

  • Be a reader and a writer. Children learn habits from the people around them.

  • Visit the library often. Story times, computers, homework help, and other exciting activities await the entire family

Becoming a reader involves the development of important skills, including learning to:

  • use language in conversation

  • listen and respond to stories read aloud

  • recognize and name the letters of the alphabet

  • listen to the sounds of spoken language

  • connect sounds to letters to figure out the "code" of reading

  • read often so that recognizing words becomes easy and automatic

  • learn and use new words

  • understand what is read


What Supervisors and Administrators are Saying

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"...her rapport with students was warm yet professional." Supervisor, Special Education


"...I referred many children with reading disorders and learning disabilities to Mrs. Hawkins. Many of these youngsters were resistant because of their learning difficulties and frustration with school. It never took more than one or two sessions with Mrs. Hawkins to win them over. She achieved outstanding results. Her intelligence, judgment, and commitment to her work all contribute to her exceptional competence." School Psychologist


"The children she had still talk about her in glowing terms. She had a way of relating to each of them." School Principal


"It appears that, as always, you are on top of the tutoring scene. You are resilient and always keep the child's outcome in mind. As a result, you will always have a parent base who understands the effectiveness of your efforts, planning, and strategies." --Private School principal

"There are several reasons why we will often refer students to her for services; her professionalism, her knowledge, as well as her willingness to communicate with our classroom teachers with updated progress information. She completes an assessment of the child and creates an individual tutoring plan to improve decoding, fluency, as well as comprehension skills. Students experience success with her methods and we are able to see the development at school.....Finding a tutor who is skilled and knowledgeable with a variety of techniques and strategies is key if we are to help these students find success in school." --Lower School Supervisor, Private school in Honolulu


"You are clearly an extraordinary teaher with immense knowledge in providing individualized instruction to meet the needs of your students. Not only have your students walked away with essential tools and strategies but they've walked away a head taller with more confidence! Thank you very much for providing your services to our students here at ________"...Supervisor, private school in Honolulu

What Parents of Elementary Students are Saying

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"Without Mrs. Hawkins' remediation and on-target perceptions about (name of student) we would have been at a loss of know what areas needed help and how to proceed."

"Gail Hawkins has become one of (name of student) most valued allies. She has done everything in her power to make certain that (name of student) receives and gets all the help that he needs from his teachers and school administration."

"(Name of student) had been extremely frustrated and resistant to reading. (Name of student) now has a tremendous amount of confidence and is visibly motivated. You have changed the world for our child through your thoughtful and carefully tailored tutorials."

"Gail Hawkins has been our miracle worker. I am a working mother. Gail took complete charge of her learning program, integrating the methods into the classroom by meeting with her teachers to educate

them as to the special teaching methods. Gail Hawkins is extremely honest about the use of her time. Gail will not accept the assignment as long as that student can function on her own."

"I have admired your forthrightness in terminating tutoring once you had helped our child get up to speed, as well as your readiness to step back in when time and circumstances warrant.

"Our son, though bright and a participant in our school's gifted program, was achieving at only minimal grade level. In the process of elevating his reading level from minimal 2nd grade to 4th grade levels, (in only 3 months), she gave him confidence in himself. She is that perfect teacher we all seek for our children all the way through their schooling years, but seldom seem to find."

What Parents of Middle School Students are Saying

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"You have helped so many children and their families understand the challenges and gifts of a learning difference. You have helped us go from grief to hope, defeat to victory, and speechless to self-advocacy. Without you, Gail, I would have been lost longer and much less prepared to face the difficulties of being different in a world that's so competitive and reluctant to change. You have been with me through the toughest most challenging parts of my life journey. You were unwavering with your support, love, compassion, passion, wisdom, knowledge and humor. I will miss you, the drive to your home, waiting in your driveway, learning from you." ... from a graduating middle school student in a private school

"We have come a long way. I will never forget my desperation in finding help for (name of student). The website was the first of many miracles. (Name of student) would not be where he is today...This year he passed both HSA tests for reading on the first try at the beginning of the year, made it into a small private school, he likes school and has more confidence in contributing. You provided us with a lot of samples, tools, and trail of records that we will continue to use." ...parent who has used tutorial services over several summers

"I'm certain the organizational skills you imported to him made his seventh-grade experience a wonderful success. I am awed by the progress he has made."

"Her study skills are invaluable. She worked quickly and enthusiastically with him identifying and strengthening his weak areas. "

What Parents of High School Students are Saying

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"There was always an emphasis on ultimately reducing tutorial hours and never an emphasis on over-booking a child with additional hours."


"She has been a compassionate and understanding teacher, accepting my child's limits where learning differences occurred and finding new ways to overcome or circumvent the problems and barriers these learning differences create. She has been generous with her time in sharing insights with me and in working with regular teachers.


"Her organizational skills are so improved that I cannot imagine how you were able to accomplish this seemingly impossible task!" ....Parent of a 9th grade student.


"Your eagerness and attention to (name of student) specific needs were immediately evident. As important as it was that you focused in on her specific weakness, you also created a wonderful relationship and trust with her. She was having trouble with her English and History. You formulated a plan as to how we should proceed. You were always accessible to (name of student), and I appreciate how you kept me informed.


"Our sixteen-year old daughter was having persistent academic difficulty. Progress was not being made despite the long house of homework and effort. We hired Mrs. Hawkins late in the semester. Within one month our daughter made strong gains in History. She had the pleasure of receiving the second highest grade in the History final examination. Our child was shown how she best learns and was shown how to adjust study skills to her learning needs. Three major research papers were assigned during the first three months of tutoring. Mrs. Hawkins took extra time with our child to show more efficient research methods. The last major research paper was a B "Well Done" grade. Our child was the only student to have the paper done in time for the teacher/student review deadline date. Parent of a private high school dyslexic girl

Bi-lingual, ESL, Students Arriving from Overseas to Attend School in Hawai`i

"It is with great pleasure that we are providing this letter of support on behalf of Mrs. Gail Hawkins. We first became acquainted with Gail when we were seeking a private tutor for our son who was undergoing an international relocation to the US from Asia, where he had lived his entire life. As a result of our move, he was facing significant transitional challenges culturally, socially, and academically and we were seeking a private tutor to help him through this transition.

Gail is nothing short of extraordinary, both as a professional tutor and as a human being. In addition to her extensive training and background in education as a private tutor, she has an incredible gift that allows her to draw out the best in her students by identifying their specific needs and teaching and relating in a way that builds their confidence and self-esteem and allows them to thrive. ...Bi-lingual child in a private Honolulu school who was voted "The Most Improved Student"

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

"In October we were frustrated, angry, and feeling defeated. We couldn't imagine how we were going to survive the vigor of fourth grade--and the homework. I was concerned that the after-school tantrums would destroy our relationship. What you and (name of student) accomplished in only four months-time was beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. I know you're aware that many of the tools being taught (name of student) were being plagiarized and used as tools by his fourth-grade teacher as well! You had more than one student benefiting from your expertise!" Parent of a 4th grader

" an ADHD child and is a challenge to most people he comes in contact with. You were able to pinpoint and diagnose problem areas immediately. By keeping him focused and directed, his development has been extraordinary. Your expertise and sensitivity to different learning styles should be a model for teachers everywhere." Honolulu Parent with a child in the DOE school system

"(Name of student) organizational skills are so improved that I cannot imagine how you were able to accomplish his seemingly impossible task!" Parent of a high school girl transitioning into a new school

"(Name of student) was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder in his eighth-grade year. He began prescribed medication and started seeing Gail in the fall. By early November, he began to receive "commendations" for his good work and efforts. (Name of student) used Gail's learning techniques to write a speech in a race for a student council position. He won! Gail demonstrated specific techniques for (name of student) making all his reading and organizing quicker, more efficient and much more successful. By the end of January, (name of student)’s grade point average went up l7 points and he was in striking range of Honors! I received a personal phone call from not only his advisor and the Head of Upper School, but the Head Master as well, sharing their congratulations and happiness at his hard work and great improvement. (Name of student) was on his own, successfully implementing her training and techniques, when he was released from tutoring in February. Parent of a 9th grader


"Thank you for opening my mind to the ADHD diagnosis without which (name of student) would get no services. I am truly grateful for your guidance." Parent of a Kindergarten student

Learning Disability Tutorials:

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"She has been a miracle in our lives. My son started going to her after being diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. He has been extremely frustrated and depressed in school. He was only seven years old. He is very intelligent and knew he was not able to put his ideas on paper. He hated school and himself. After being with Mrs. Hawkins, he has become quite confident in himself; he is on an honor role in parochial school and views school as a normal nine-year old.

Mrs. Hawkins' professional yet warm and funny personality eased the pressure immediately. She firmly explained that I had to work very hard with my son if I wanted to continue with her. Her strategies are remarkable. It is as if she can go into the child's brain and figure out how it works. She can anticipate the though process to a tee. Her style of teaching goes far beyond one's expectations! When she felt the child was overwhelmed, frustrated or tired, she will do many things to interest the children in learning again. Mrs. Hawkins celebrated her dog's birthday with party hats and cookies, and in December met the car at the top of the driveway in a Santa outfit, beard and all. You could not take the smiles off my sons' and daughter's faces.

She has been able to help me as a parent to accept my son without feeling inferior or ashamed. No phone call was ever unimportant. Conferences were always available. She is constantly learning and keeping abreast of the newest teaching methods. She made time for conferences to help teachers understand my son's learning process. Many of her teaching methods have been used in the classroom to help other children with difficulties. Whenever we see a butterfly, we will always think of her. We have all been given our wings!" Parent of 2 tutored children

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